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A short look at what the Feds don’t like about Science and Forensics

The application of measurement (metrology) science is well established in the basic sciences. In essence it is the collection of physical data and the study of best methods to improve precision of methods. This paper has a well known fingerprint … Continue reading

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Microorganisms at crime scene to Identify PPL?

Can you imagine collecting this info at a Chuck e Cheese crime scene? OMG. As usual, “detection outstrips interpretation” according to @maxmhouck. $600 thousand NIJ grant. 

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The cost of Austin crime lab failure reaches $6.5 – $14 million estimates

Regardless of the politicians assurances, this taxpayer cost will surely go up to  include whatever additional legal costs that occur over the propose next five years. Its 12 years worth of crime lab cases. So far, no one has blamed … Continue reading

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“Claw-like” skull fracture matching shows up at retrial for murder

Besides the shape of the skull breakage, there are defense claims that the crime scene recovery and storage of DNA was botched. The state claims a fall down stairs is not what killed her. It’s reasons for homicide at Peterson’s … Continue reading

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Crime lab’s woes after Forensic Commission’s audit – Texas

Austin’s lab affecting 120 criminal cases. Most defendants still in jail. Austin crime lab shut down in June Crime lab scrambles

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Fingerprints tell the tale – Bitemarks are a forensic joke

These prints have no relationship to the above case. A bitemark that still has J Kunco  in prison for a over a quarter of a century. Two pictures of one bitemark. Taken at different times. The bitemark experts recently restated … Continue reading

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Facial reconstruction from a blood sample used for criminal investigation

Nothing in this newspaper blurb says how any of this has been validated. The police admit not being sure what to do with it. No one brought up the ‘CSI’ method of using digital facial recognition which seems to be … Continue reading

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Judges’ College puts together #PCAST forensics and FRE 702 rules 

The National JudicialCollege dives deep into explaining how overblown “feature-comparing” experts and actually ANYONE attesting to their “science” can be corralled through using rules within the Federal Rules of Evidence. I think they must have read from all the ABFO … Continue reading

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A critical look at the Pistorius case and its phony forensic experts

From the NEWS HUB: excerpt: State witness Mangena- Not an expert at all Police captain Chris Mangena said Pistorius was standing on his stumps nearly three metres from a locked toilet door when he opened fire and killed his girlfriend. … Continue reading

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When crime labs go rogue. Safety suffers. Honesty seems more doubtful.

Max Houck (@maxmhouck) used to run the Washington DC Forensic Science facility which then boasted as being “independent” a la Houston’s Forensic Science Center. Above is his Twitter response to and post about police managers refusing an open and transparent scientific … Continue reading

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