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Forensics: Bitemark matching in “India” Documentary

I would love to see the “bitemark” police talk about in this recent case. The authorities should rely on DNA obtained from the bitemark itself not a bitemark “fingerprint.” BBC documentary Previous blog on India’s bitemark expertise. This may be … Continue reading

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Forensics: Another case of a “recaptured” bitemark showing “unique” features matching one man in the world.

This comes in three parts: Part One This is the long range photo of a bitemark determined so by two ABFO bitemark dentists Michael Sobel and Tom David. Here is a color closeup on the left and a UV picture … Continue reading

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‘This isn’t CSI’ : The science behind forensic toxicology

Taking a close look at why forensic tox is so complicated and takes weeks to months to complete. Unlike other medical tests, where technicians isolate a specific compound like cholesterol, Middleberg says that you don’t always know what you’re looking … Continue reading

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Digital ‘forensic science’ has blossomed but regulations and firm protocols are lacking

The author has excellent academic credentials and states unregulated proliferation of court accepted ‘digitalizing’ experts has its obvious risks.  As in wrongful incarcerations and convictions. The realm of forensics (any technology or expert  opinion used in the courts) “digital” evidence … Continue reading

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WHITE HOUSE appeal of bitemark aided execution was ignored in 2011.

Bitemark aided TX conviction and later execution of Humberto Leal in 2011 ignored direct appeal from the White House.  The US Supreme Court id nothing mcuh. Then Governor Rick Perry rejected defense plea for claim of ineffectiveness of counsel and … Continue reading

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Texas Forensic Science Commission will investigate convictions based on bite marks

This is Dr. Mary and Peter Bush, from the U of Buffalo. Their recent series of research papers have given the ABFO bitemark “skin-readers” a real headache. The great state of Texas will be taking a microscopic look at bitemarks. … Continue reading

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Documentary on Scientifically Flawed FBI Hair Comparison Evidence

Originally posted on Wrongful Convictions Blog:
We’ve reported here before about the fact that FBI agents have been giving scientifically unsupportable testimony regarding hair comparison evidence for decades. Please see  Hair Analysis Evidence About to Join CBLA as “Junk Science.” This…

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Forensic Research: Poo on shoes and fingerprint fat on silicon wafers

Let me say that the following researchers are totally serious about what they do. I also surmise that they are getting funding from government-related law enforcement orgs to pursue their endeavors. Both have established hypotheses. Here’s 1). Materials commonly found … Continue reading

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Bite Mark Evidence Sends Innocent Man to Death Row

Ray Krone was arrested for the sexual assault and brutal murder of a female bartender in Phoenix, Arizona in 1991. The case rested largely on bite mark evidence on the body of the victim, 36-year-old Kim Ancona. Krone was dubbed … Continue reading

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Junk Science in the US and the UK – Hands across the sea

  The blog starts on how scientific arguments about DNA (and everything else dealing with forensics) within the US courts are so heavily affected by legalisms which allow one state (in this newest case NJ) to accept the opinion of another state (NY … Continue reading

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