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Forensics: Washington State Patrol’s toxicology lab ran tests in office contaminated by meth, possibly jeopardizing thousand of cases

SEATTLE – Behind the locked doors of a third-floor office in South Seattle, countertop instruments filled with dozens of tiny vials feed data to nearby monitors while performing scores of tests each day in pursuit of justice. — Read on … Continue reading

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Forensics: Protect and Serve. Georgia Southern QB says false-positive field test showed bird droppings as cocaine

Straight to law enforcement chem-tests are nortorious for this. You can add Georgia Southern University’s starting quarterback to the list of innocent people wrongly charged with drugs based on a faulty roadside drug test. — Read on

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Forensics: Junk shoeprint matching and DNA catches up with another famed forensic expert.

This is a continuing story involving Henry Lee and the crime lab where he has been a decades-long teacher and examiner. Added intrigue has to do with a FBI footprint guru teaching how to “definitely” identify a defendant from a … Continue reading

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Fentanyl-like drugs are pouring in primarily from China, U.S. officials say

This is a real war on drugs being fought at the DEA and forensic crime labs. Fentanyl is 50 stronger than heroin. San Francisco Chronicle. 

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‘This isn’t CSI’ : The science behind forensic toxicology

Taking a close look at why forensic tox is so complicated and takes weeks to months to complete. Unlike other medical tests, where technicians isolate a specific compound like cholesterol, Middleberg says that you don’t always know what you’re looking … Continue reading

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