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Forensics: Go Bode Lab!!Officials seek information after human remains identified in Bensalem Township 1995 cold case

The skeletal remains of a woman who was found in 1995 have been identified, according to the Bensalem Township Police Department.  — Read on

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Forensics: Lies,lies and more lies in a TX death penalty case. Prosecutors Illegally Hid Evidence in Rodney Reed’s Case for 23 Years

“Rodney Reed’s conviction and death sentence must be overturned.” — Read on

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Forensics: Double-talking N.C. State Crime Lab, Attorney General defend debunked forensic science that sent innocent men to prison

Just like the MS AG defending bitemarker Michael West in Eddie Lee Howard’s exoneration proceedings. Pure crap. WBTV Investigates first told you this spring about the science called “Microscopic Hair Comparison” which has been discredited with then-FBI Director Jim Comey … Continue reading

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Forensics: Covid grifter Rogan podcast hosts doctor known for pushing debunked claims about Covid-19 | The Independent

Controversial doctor Peter McCullough appeared on a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience TV— Read on

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Forensics: Claiming “rampant crime in NY,” Trump accuses New York AG James of ‘prosecutorial misconduct’

Former President Donald Trump accused New York Attorney General Letitia James Wednesday of “prosecutorial misconduct” after she subpoenaed him to testify as part of her civil fraud probe into his business dealings. — Read on

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Forensics: Despite misuse, exaggeration, and bad convictions. How Texas almost banned forensic hypnosis.

The controversial practice of using forensic hypnosis in Texas courtroom was almost banned when it passed unanimously the legislature. But then Gov. Abbott vetoed it. — Read on

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Forensics: Disaster. Sweeping report urges DC to review every case handled by firearms, fingerprint units at troubled crime lab

Senior leaders at the D.C. Department of Forensic Sciences have come under intense scrutiny in a scathing top-to-bottom review of the District’s now unaccredited crime lab. — Read on

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Forensics: How Many Missing Children Are Found Each Year? | The Committee for Missing Children, Inc.

The real story = 97.8% are found. Wondering how many missing children are found each year? Keep reading to find out the percent of kids returned to their parents each year. — Read on

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Forensics: Torrance police’s racist texts could jeopardize many cases – Los Angeles Times

The Times has identified a dozen Torrance police officers who are under investigation for sharing racist and homophobic text messages and images. — Read on

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Forensics: Wow!!Footprint evidence of early hominin locomotor diversity at Laetoli, Tanzania | Nature

Bipedal trackways discovered in 1978 at Laetoli site G, Tanzania and dated to 3.66 million years ago are widely accepted as the oldest unequivocal evidence of obligate bipedalism in the human lineage1–3. Another trackway discovered two years earlier at nearby … Continue reading

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