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Clarification and Retraction of CSIDDS use of AAFS logo

Statement: To Whom It May Concern In RE: CSIDDS blog post from September 12, 2016 On occasion, I have used AAFS annual convention banners in my blog posts. The reader must not be not be misled or misconstrue or consider that … Continue reading

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Old teeth in London reveals how the plague spread in the 17th century

British archaeologists, osteologists and other specialists love to dig around in dark, dank places. Fascinating stuff. Onto the Museum of London Archaeolgy‘s 300 staff who do all the hard work. (MOLA) MOLA’s own blog about their latest dig.  Full article … Continue reading

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Regardless of #PCAST, bitemark matchers praise themselves and re-up their “Bitemark Breakfast”

*See note at bottom. To be expected, although in an ironic twist to the above image, the AAFS affiliated bite mark bunch continues to press on with their agenda. This is in the face of a tsunami of criticism from media … Continue reading

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Friday’s Quick Clicks…

Originally posted on Wrongful Convictions Blog:
OC Weekly: More Evidence Emerges On OC Law Enforcement’s Bad Acting and Perjury in Snitch Scandal… The San Diego Union-Tribune (opinion by Justin Brooks, California IP): Could innocent people be executed if proposition passes?……

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“You have no balls” says a noted bite mark dentist – More about this and the #PCAST report on forensics

Bill Richards, who spent nearly 23 years in prison based on dubious bite-mark evidence, was released in June. Photo: Courtesy of Michael Semanchik, California Innocence Project. The inimitable and award winning Jordan Smith at The Intercept once again lays the hammer on the prime example … Continue reading

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Ohio ( and most other states ) misses opportunity to find the missing – Forensic Dentistry –

Ohio and other states are not providing everything they can to help families track missing loved ones, according to experts. Full article from Ohio.  Despite the creation of a national database nearly a decade ago to assist in identifications, few … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

Originally posted on Wrongful Convictions Blog:
The Knoops’ Innocence Project filed a request for review at the Court of Appeals in Curacao in the case of Frailon Pieter… Massachusetts has paid $8.34 million under wrongful conviction compensation law… The Wrong Man: Thomas…

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Forensics: How a criminal defense expert got some bad news from a judge – “Not qualified”

Nothing but warning signals come out in this news article about a self-styled yet prior qualified (in other cases) DNA expert running into some trouble. The record states he admitted having no direct experience in using actual DNA profiling lab equipment. … Continue reading

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Infamous bite-mark “expert” Michael West complains about not being paid at a deposition and calls Innocence Project director a “sociopath”

The unfortunately speakable Dr. Michael West takes the stage. His protector, Attorney General Jim Hood and the MS Supremes still need him to bolster this death penalty vs forensic science reform case of Eddie Lee Howard. The MS Innocence project … Continue reading

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Forensic Science reform gets a knee jerk backlash from the District Attorneys – #PCAST

National District Attorneys Association slams President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology report Note that the NDAA (national DA association) president is none other than San Bernardino’s pro death penalty DA Michael Ramos (@michaelramos). I’m not surprised at this … Continue reading

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