Clarification and Retraction of CSIDDS use of AAFS logo


To Whom It May Concern

In RE: CSIDDS blog post from September 12, 2016

On occasion, I have used AAFS annual convention banners in my blog posts. The reader must not be not be misled or misconstrue or consider that act as that organization endorsing the content and opinions present within my publications. If that misconstruction has occurred, then this statement should clarify this issue. I have no authorization to speak as a representative of the AAFS.


I have no idea why the Odontology Section of the AAFS has ceased sponsoring its “bitemark breakfast.”


C. Michael Bowers DDS JD, F-AAFS



About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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2 Responses to Clarification and Retraction of CSIDDS use of AAFS logo

  1. ray2thdoc says:

    There were a number of reasons the Dr. Thomas Krause BM Breakfast was discontinued. Dr. Krause’s contributions will still be recognized and honored by naming the section of the Odontology Scientific Session dedicated to BM’s after him.
    Although considered an honor to speak at the Academy Sessions it was getting increasingly difficult to secure quality speakers when no honorarium or travel is offered and any invited speaker was required to register for the meeting and pay the registration fee. The section was given no financial return for their efforts since the cost for the breakfast was covered by the fee charged and set by the Academy.

  2. John P Kenney DDS says:

    Michael, to clarify your statement about the changes to Friday am, the traditional slot of the BITEMARK BREAKFAST — while coincidental, it had NOTHING to do with the considerable criticism that bite mark evidence has been subject to of late, but rather an ACADEMY WIDE POLICY on special events with speakers. For an event to be accepted and placed on the program there must be a back up Speaker available to address the same topic.
    Author, Producer and Board CertifiedForensic Anthropologist Kathy Reichs (Tempe Brennan, Bones TV show) comes to mind. If she or another singular high profile speaker (eg Henry Lee, Jose Baez, Michael Baden) is a no-show for whatever reason –weather, illness etc. the AAFS is on the hook for the meals guaranteed to the hotel. I also echo the previous comment about honoraria, travel and registration. People signing up and paying in advance are coming for the SPEAKER, not necessarily the topic or the meal. When they ask for refunds and many do when an advertised speaker is unable to present it burdens the Academy with losing significant monies for that event. Such high profile speakers have been invited in the past to expose everyone in the Academy to timely/interesting topics and the Breakfast had much success over the years, usually to a full house. There is no “substitute” for these kinds of speakers. Given the Academy Wide policy change it was decided by section leadership that the portion of the Odontology program covering bite mark evidence would be named in Tom’s honor. Other sections have already done so within their own sections for individuals. The Jay Dix sessions in Path Bio come to mind.
    I hope this clarifies the true reason the Breakfast was dropped.

    John P Kenney DDS MS
    AAFS Board of Directors Odontology Member 2012-2018

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