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The saga continues at the Ventura County Medical Examiners office

I would like to commend Dr. Ann Bucholtz (shown above) for her short, but effective tenure as Ventura County’s Medical Examiner. My perspective is as the forensic dentistry consultant for the VCME office for over 30 years. Dr. Bucholtz’s legacy … Continue reading

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National tragedy of unidentifieds languishing in Medical Examiner/Coroners lockers.

Dental information contained in this news release about Unknown human remains. The “Earthly Body” title seems interesting.  Note that the burned body was buried and needed exhumation before this information was published. Apparently the remains were found in 2006. Another … Continue reading

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US: Plain Jane reveal of changes in forensic confidence terminology, error testing, and use in courts

5 Kinds of Junk Science Prosecutors Have Used to Send People to Prison This is a simple and informative article. Some forensic folks really don’t like article and titles with “junk,” “shoddy” and “wrongful convictions” being used. To be fair, … Continue reading

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Another defense DNA expert has a bad day. Forgot to update his CV. Only has a Bachelors.

  This fellow has an extensive curriculum vitae. His website looks polished. He reports as being a Member of the AAFS and a Fellow of the ABC (Criminalists). He’s gotten the boot from a New York for a number of … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Quick Clicks…

Originally posted on Wrongful Convictions Blog:
Justice Dept. Announces Code of Conduct for Forensic Labs…Invests $63 Million In Nation’s Crime Labs The State Press: Wrongful conviction matters… Los Angeles Times: After a man convicted of murdering a woman goes free,…

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LEOs not reporting police shooting/custody deaths still using their DOJ grant money and MRAPS

The disonant (or maybe permissive) Department of Justice federal oversight of local law enforcement agencies seems to rival a tragicomedy versions of “who’s on first?” Or more impolitely, the boondoggle. The decades-long sharing of military equipment with police ( 1033 program … Continue reading

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Why exoneration litigation counts – Real murderers were left on the streets

Michael Hanline having his first hamburger since 1983. These cases always show how the real perps are left untouched to commit more murders and crime. The reasons for the exons commonly include police misconduct or weak investigations, lying witnesses or … Continue reading

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A brilliant cautionary tale on Fingerprints and their Scientific Uncertainty | The AAFS/ABFO dentists should read this | @csidds

Originally posted on FORENSICS and LAW in FOCUS @ CSIDDS | News and Trends:
? Fingerprints and a “bitemark” used to convict Bill Richards in 1997 in California. ? The partnerships between the AAFS and police sciences are very strong and professionally intertwined…

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PCAST in the news – The DNA Blog from the New York Legal Aid Soc

Edited by Julie Fry Written by Celia Givens PCAST report raises questions about validity of forensic sciences in criminal courts A new draft report from the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) has caused concerns about the … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

Originally posted on Wrongful Convictions Blog:
UPI: Proteins in human hair could work like fingerprints… OC Weekly: Did Orange County’s Justice System Imprison an Innocent Man for Murder?… New York Post: Wayne Martin’s double murder conviction officially overturned… Winston-Salem Journal: Winston-Salem…

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