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DOJ takeover of forensic policy making and practice – Comments Deadline Ap 12 11:59 EDT

Making comments to the US DOJ is largely pointless since its boss AG Sessions is determined to control the playing field of US forensic science to the advantage of the prosecutors. All of this is  via their series of lies … Continue reading

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Today’s Look at #Forensics from Everywhere

Top 6 universities teaching forensic science in the UK. Dundee in Scotland at the top. Then Keele, Strathclyde, Bradford, De Monfort, Kent. A common British cultural past time. Drinking from calvaria. The Malaysian government defends  it’s expertise in handling the Kim … Continue reading

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Fighting “unique” toolmark testimony with science and an amicus brief

Much like bitemark “identification” “In this case, a toolmark “expert” testified against James Genrich by assuring the jury that several of Genrich’s tools made purportedly unique marks on fragments of the bombs recovered from the crime scene, “to the exclusion … Continue reading

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More scientists gang up against the bitemarkers – Oxford University Press -#AAFS2017

It’s just a dental journal (see pg. 68), but this op-ed piece may be the FIRST time organized dentistry has spoken out about the flim-flam of bitemark ‘science.’ The anonymous author is quietly referencing a recent publication from the Journal … Continue reading

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Advances in #Forensic #Science influenced by Exonerations – Peter Neufeld #AAFS2017

This is for those so inclined to wonder “why” scientific advances in forensics suggested by nationally recognized scientists should be shunned, ridiculed and attacked by the police. It has nothing to do with “throwing the baby out with the bath … Continue reading

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News from in and around the world of Forensics

Mortuary training for those so inclined. Drop by on Sat in the UK.  “Looking forward to seeing you.” (the picture shows a mannequin on the table). Turkish cargo plane flying from Hong Kong crash kills 37. There is a forensic side … Continue reading

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Read PCAST’s forensic response to outpouring of resistance by prosecutors and labs

Newly published, it is clear that PCAST on forensic ‘science’ is taking a serious stance to much of the mis-information presented by the host of it’s deniers in the US criminal justice system. That would be prosecutors, the US attorney … Continue reading

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PCAST forensics on YouTube: Dean Mnookin keeps it simple and logical

Jennifer Mnookin, law Dean at UCLA, was co-chair of the “working group”  assigned by the President’s Council on Sci and Tech to undertake the next step in forensic science review and reform. She recently was interviewed in Los Angeles and … Continue reading

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#Mellennial Forensics: See the public response to “Knee Jerk Forensic Denials by DAs”

This fellow is running for CA Attorney General. He is also quite headliner for  believers in “speeding” executions via Prop 66. Despite wrongful convictions taking decades to be accomplished. Read about how the DAs responded to the 2016 forensic report … Continue reading

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Forensic Science reform gets a knee jerk backlash from the District Attorneys – #PCAST

National District Attorneys Association slams President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology report Note that the NDAA (national DA association) president is none other than San Bernardino’s pro death penalty DA Michael Ramos (@michaelramos). I’m not surprised at this … Continue reading

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