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UK outsourced forensic testing appears to be a flop – 6000 cases suspect

  Police say scores of convictions may be overturned because of the suspected manipulation of forensic tests at a private laboratory in Manchester. James Vaughan, the national police lead for forensic outsourcing, said two employees of the testing services company … Continue reading

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UK Cabinet’s new administraton of forensic sciences seems incomplete or worse?

All I can glean from scant web info is that its full speed ahead for the Forensic Science Regulator (actually a good idea in theory) oversight to become law but she doesn’t get any “enforcement control ( among other issues) and … Continue reading

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UK MD “Erased” Waney Squier “distain” for her peers is claptrap. Famed Spilsbury would be ashamed.

Spilsbury in his lab.  A bunch of stuffed medical shirts demand their respect at all costs to public safety and claim “ipse dixit” expertise  to those who submit to their “peer” review. “Disdainers” beware. Respect your betters in science or … Continue reading

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UK Forensic Science system fading away to nothing : Opinion

Standards of forensic science under threat Quote from this article: “The main difficulty I have in writing about forensic developments in the UK is that there are very few due to the government closing down the Forensic Science Service several … Continue reading

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