UK Cabinet’s new administraton of forensic sciences seems incomplete or worse?

Forensic regulator copy

All I can glean from scant web info is that its full speed ahead for the Forensic Science Regulator (actually a good idea in theory) oversight to become law but she doesn’t get any “enforcement control ( among other issues) and also that some major players feel left out. 

“that key stakeholders had not been invited to attend the planning workshops for it.”

“These stakeholders included Dr Tully ( The Regulator herself) , the Crown Prosecution Service, the Criminal Cases Review Commission, the judiciary, defence lawyers, and leaders in the forensic science profession.”

“too much focused on policing”

We already know that the cops always get what they want, and everyone comes in second. Or last.

Article is at Police Professional 

Here are the 2016 Forensic Science providers: “Codes of Practice and Conduct” promulgated by  Similar to the US National Forensic Science Commission’s workproduct, all of these “standards” are considered Guidance. That absolves the risk of anyone’s toes getting stepped on is they fall short. Unless you are Dr. Waney Squier, of course.

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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