UK Forensic Witchhunt: Cops targeted Waney Squier for money?


2011 journalist reporting from the UK’s Daily Mail brought me up to date with the ad hominem pillorying brought against paediatric neuropathology physician Waney Squier over the last decade. Plus there are a few more newsworthy facts.

Squier was recently “delicensed”  by a cobbled up medical administrative court for speaking her scientific mind (described in the ruling as being “derisive”). She predicted in 2011 that the cops were out to get her. The main perp seems to have been the Met Police Child Abuse Investigation Command.

Today, Dr. Squier received a much deserved INNOCENCE NETWORK award for her body of research and promotion of updated critical scientific investigation into Shaken Baby Syndrome.

squier copy

She has intelligently and empirically debunked the “triad” of the 1980’s adamantly supported by some in the Metropolitan Police Service. The cops pushed back in the following: See the BBC News from 2011.

Here is an excerpt: (There is alot more personal invective towards Squier contained in the article.)

In this speech, DI (Colin) Welsh ( note: at the time a Met police Detective Investigator ) referred to a meeting in 2008 attended by representatives of the police, medical experts and CPS officials at which the “impact and effect of contradictory expert evidence” was discussed. The Met has confirmed the meeting took place but said it was standard procedure following an acquittal in a court case.

According to a note by a Seattle-based lawyer called Heather Kirkwood, DI Welsh talked about the failure of a number of high profile Shaken Baby prosecutions and stated the number one problem as “defence expert testimony”.

The following may just be pure coincidence. But………its worth mentioning.

Welsh copy

Colin Welsh (taken from Google Images)

Welsh’s private sector career after MPS retirement apparently is with Safeguarding Systems Ltd. (the website loading may be a bit sketchy) which says he is “unrivaled” and speaks before health care providers world-wide. This company provides training to persons and groups (up to 15 attendees) interested in protecting ” Children and Vulnerable Adults” costing on the average US$250 an hour.

What is also alarming are these efforts to silence her and a few critical-thinking doubters of the SBS “triad” have been made in the public forum by some who could be lecturing professional health care audiences on the “judicial inexperience” inhibiting their version of judicial justice. 


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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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