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#AAFS 2017 : Watch out for the ‘ATTACK of the bite mark matchers’ in NOLA

Have a look at this in depth  Washington Post series about certain ‘scientific’ AAFS members who will be showing off their wares in the Odontology Section this week. This is a small bunch of believers. Two Odontology members, Cynthia Brzozowki … Continue reading

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#AAFS2017 Proceedings In Digital Format

1381 pages. 2017aafs-proceedings

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#AAFS2017 Rules of Civility for all at NOLA – “SPIT not in the Fire,” etc

For the American Academy of Forensic Science conventioneers. There’s 92 more of these from a 1888 reprint of George Washington’s copy of Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation (starts on pg. 13). Updated for modernity and relevance. … Continue reading

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Fighting “unique” toolmark testimony with science and an amicus brief

Much like bitemark “identification” “In this case, a toolmark “expert” testified against James Genrich by assuring the jury that several of Genrich’s tools made purportedly unique marks on fragments of the bombs recovered from the crime scene, “to the exclusion … Continue reading

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A new version of “fake expert” comes out of new WH advisory group.

According to ‘Rawstory,’  it’s lies, lies and how to make a living. To be fair, I’ve never heard of this guy. But looking at the information available at this time, he shows some extraordinary expertise from little to no credentials. … Continue reading

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From the Forensic Regulator – Code of Ethics and Standards – #AAFS2017

“My aim is that all forensic science provided to the CJS is of the required level of quality; the quality standards are set out in detail in these Codes.” Dr. Gillian Tully, the UK Forensic Regulator. Notable in this extensive … Continue reading

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Rules to follow about how to write/know what is a scientific paper – #AAFS2017

For those beginning in forensics or merely interesting in some insights to ‘scientific’ literature, this should be where you start. I would suggest you actually write these rules down as a handy reference. Some value points: Determine the differences between … Continue reading

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Know Your Rights: LinkedIn Access to scientists attending the #AAFS mtg in NOLA

This is for those traveling to New Orleans for the upcoming AAFS 2017 convention. Please pass this on to our international colleagues. Know what to say and what to do when CBP interviews “foreign” nationals at ports of entry.

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Making Sense of DNA Genetics – #AAFS2017 – Epigenetics is mentioned

This is a primer-level (being in a brochure format) look on the subject and has some gaps as far as interpretation of DNA partial profiles and mixtures but admits that, even with algorithmic software, there still is human interpretation in … Continue reading

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Awesome list of recent NY Times articles about forensic science and police #AAFS2017

All of this is newsworthy and bridges forensic science, enforcement and criminal justice. Includes multiple pages of archives. Topics on page one: Maggots Familial DNA in crime and civil rights Crime scene photography of the deceased. Christina Cattaneo identifying migrants … Continue reading

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