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Florida ‘dog sniffing’ police ‘science’ cases ignored by DAs and CJ system

Nothing seems more outlandish than dogs being use to track down criminals and being used as eye witnesses to a defendant’s guilt. Read this story about multiple cases of conviction added by another police ‘science.’ I would add another example … Continue reading

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A new version of “fake expert” comes out of new WH advisory group.

According to ‘Rawstory,’  it’s lies, lies and how to make a living. To be fair, I’ve never heard of this guy. But looking at the information available at this time, he shows some extraordinary expertise from little to no credentials. … Continue reading

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Obama Left Forensic Science Reform At the Altar

That’s according to Radley Balko at the Washington Post. He sums up the missed opportunity for the outgoing US president to push his Attorney General Lynch and the FBI’s Comey to open a proper dialogue after the PCAST report from … Continue reading

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Crime lab admits data-driven forensics is here to stay

Taking a strong stance about using data and therefore statistical analysis, a local crime lab says PCAST reinforced what  is already being done. It’s a rather large generalization, but their hearts are pure.    Now, if only the District Attorneys … Continue reading

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