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Ukrainian chief forensic expert shot in retaliation for MH 17 recovery efforts

Chilling news. A suspect has been arrested.

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Junk forensic science appeals largely hit a dead end because of appeal exhaustion.

Individuals convicted largely due to junk science face challenges finding legal remedies In the wake of last year’s FBI hair analysis error scandal, Arkansas defense attorneys are asking the state supreme court to grant clients convicted by the junk science … Continue reading

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Harward’s exoneration from a 33 year old bitemark conviction brings out comments from DA expert.

“In a statement, Levine said he was upset and disturbed at the result, given that the case produced wide agreement among examiners who had access to more information than is often available. “This case should persuade all my colleagues to … Continue reading

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TX and CA: How Prosecutors ignore the effects of junk forensic science on their convictions.

CSI forensics seems to be infallible on TV. Not as much in the real world. Try reading”Bitten by Experts” from Jordan Smith at The Intercept. Its all about the junk. In the same vein, this article gives a closeup on where the … Continue reading

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UK Forensic Witchhunt: Cops targeted Waney Squier for money?

  2011 journalist reporting from the UK’s Daily Mail brought me up to date with the ad hominem pillorying brought against paediatric neuropathology physician Waney Squier over the last decade. Plus there are a few more newsworthy facts. Squier was recently … Continue reading

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Forensic Error Rates: This is Scary about FBI facial recog database: 20% error rate

The article says the feds 547 million foto archive has had some successes. This writer throws this out this tidbit about facial “uniqueness.” Hope the feds have your portrait quality snaps. Some testing, however, indicates the fed system has a … Continue reading

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Thrifty Scot government looking for new customers for its spanking new crime lab

Taking a look at next year’s budget, and a $75M crime lab investment, the Scottish police chiefs are looking to offer their forensic services to other jurisdictions and customers.

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“Those damn bite marks, if his parents had just got him orthodontia he wouldn’t be in this predicament.”

Defense attorney from 1986 murder trial says bite-mark evidence was persuasive to jury. Both prosecution bitemark experts belonged to the ABFO. The defense bitemark expert believed that the method was real “science.”  

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Forensics 101: The backlash of being a defense expert “for” OJ: from Michael Baden

This is a recent audio interview of Michael Baden who critiqued the prosecution’s pathology evidence in the OJ trial. Getting the cold-shoulder from police and colleagues is just one aspect of the toolkit of forensic “scientists” disliking debate regarding their methods. … Continue reading

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Putting the bone puzzle back together in a murder case.

This report has an excellent vid.

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