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Retribution in criminal justice reform

“In (the) battle over Nebraska’s death penalty, victims’ families refuse to be political pawns” by @lilianasegura at The Intercept.  This parallels California’s upcoming vote to abolish the death penalty. There probably will also be a pro-death penalty measure on the … Continue reading

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The Mississippi Sting operation that uncovered Michael West’s bitemark bunk

One of the extraordinary defense presentations at the recent EL Howard hearing in Columbus MS was given by the Honorable Chris Plourd (pictured above), the presiding Judge of Imperial County, CA Superior Court. Judge Plourd rose to the bench in … Continue reading

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Forensics: Focus on bitemark beliefs and “The Syndrome”

While spending nearly a full May 5th springtime time day listening to the “Country Dentist” Dr Michael West lavish a Mississippi courtroom with his god-like powers of forensic observation aided by a blue light flashlight, I began to reflect on … Continue reading

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Mess up, stolen drugs, perjury, in Medical Examiner crime lab leads to lawsuit

This Delaware case should show that wrongful convictions and junk forensic science are not a figment of the media’s imagination. “The medical examiner’s laboratory has since been replaced by the Division of Forensic Science under the Department of Safety and … Continue reading

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Dallas man released at exoneration hearing

The judge baked a pumpkin pie before vacating his 25 year old conviction and incarceration. The dentist responsible says his “science” has changed.  There never was any science.

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The Writ of Habeas of Corpus in tatters lays obstacles for appeals and exonerations.

The Demise of Habeas Corpus and the Rise of Qualified Immunity: The Court’s Ever Increasing Limitations on the Development and Enforcement of Constitutional Rights and Some Particularly Unfortunate Consequences Stephen R. Reinhardt* The collapse of habeas corpus as a remedy … Continue reading

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Fighting Forensic Junk Science taking place in Dallas Texas: Let’s talk science not quackery, promises and lies

In response to chilling mistakes and misdeeds involving the execution of Todd Willingham and the 25 year false incarceration of Michael Morton, things are changing regarding forensic experts in one US state. It is note worthy that nearly 50% (154 … Continue reading

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The battle to prove coerced confessions and innocence without having DNA to help

Unusual Connecticut Exoneration Centers on Coerced Confession, Not DNA Evidence excerpt: Rosenthal [defense lawyer], citing the University of Michigan Law School National Registry of Exonerations, said this is the 17th Connecticut exoneration and the sixth in the past two years. … Continue reading

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New efforts to ID Pearl Harbor victims, the “excitement of delirium” and other Forensic Notes, some strange others tragic.

After a 1947 internment from the battleship Oklahoma, skeletal remains experience new ID attempts.  North Carolina has two newly compensated exonerees. 30 years in prison while innocent of murder. Once again, false confessions prove to be largely coerced from vulnerable … Continue reading

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MS Supreme Court remands Howard for new litigation, which is not progress.

In response to recent oral arguments, the MS high court just issued this 2015-08-06 order  Howard for a “new evidentiary hearing.” This case has had major prosecutorial bitemark ID junk evidence issues for decades and nearly a ten year effort to get … Continue reading

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