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30¥% of Exonerees are white folks

Racial profiles of wrong convictions in the US.

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Court tosses convictions but won’t say couple is innocent

Originally posted on Wrongful Convictions Blog:
No matter how much evidence of innocence might exist, it is sometimes next to impossible to get the courts to fully admit error. That’s what happened yesterday, when Dan and Fran Keller, who were…

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Incredible Costs of One Cop Detective to the Taxpayers of Chicago and Illinois; Big time Politicos on Crim Justice reform

This will never stop. Nothing like having questionable convictions coming back to haunt the the lawyers and the DA for the police of Chicago. Sun-Times Article Hillary making sweeping statements on criminal justice reform. Wants to start with cops. And … Continue reading

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Highlights of the 2015 US Innocence Conference held this last weekend

For those less likely to be following what is happening in civil rights and exoneration litigation, this meeting in Orlando FLA was the gathering to see the impressive depth of dedication, legal expertise and energy present in this growing movement. … Continue reading

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Another forensic disaster : secret forensic “science”experts allowed to coerce crime suspects into plea deals.

  I am rarely shocked about nefarious dealings or subterfuge in the ecosystem of forensic ‘science’ and the criminal justice arena. But I just read that a police department has a cadre of 3 “anonymous” dentists in Indianapolis, Indiana, who provide … Continue reading

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J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI legacy. What a veteran FBI crime lab whistle blower says about the “science” in forensics

J. Edgar Hoover’s legacy of “we always get our man” has a dark side. Dr. Frederick Whitehurst explains in this piece that, gut feelings, amateur research, cultural expediency and arrogance has been in the FBI’s DNA for decades. The Marshal Project … Continue reading

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Gideon’s Trumpet Revisited

More MS Supreme Court. MS county judge taken to school for throwing indigent client’s public defender out of his court for undisclosed “misconduct.”

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A modern example of the Inquisition and Devils Island

Once convicted, the state of Nevada tries to ignore or deny evidence and even the inmate from public scrutiny.

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Murders in the South. 4000 Lynchings revisted.

Unspeakable but must be remembered.

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