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J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI legacy. What a veteran FBI crime lab whistle blower says about the “science” in forensics

J. Edgar Hoover’s legacy of “we always get our man” has a dark side.┬áDr. Frederick Whitehurst explains in this piece that, gut feelings, amateur research, cultural expediency and arrogance has been in the FBI’s DNA for decades. The Marshal Project … Continue reading

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Gideon’s Trumpet Revisited

More MS Supreme Court. MS county judge taken to school for throwing indigent client’s public defender out of his court for undisclosed “misconduct.”

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A modern example of the Inquisition and Devils Island

Once convicted, the state of Nevada tries to ignore or deny evidence and even the inmate from public scrutiny.

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Murders in the South. 4000 Lynchings revisted.

Unspeakable but must be remembered.

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