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Scientific Terminology Explained | Forensic Science in North Carolina

If you’d like to learn more about scientific terminology, Duke Law student Logan Johnson interviewed toxicologist Dr. Jay Gehlhausen about terminology that attorneys might encounter when reviewing scientific evidence. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between reproducibility and … Continue reading

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Forensics: “Dentists should own identifying disaster victims from bitemarks”

Although written with the best of intentions, this journal article is a hot mess. The author mixes dental identification of human remains with “the teeth don’t lie” metaphor used by bitemarkers. This will surely get put on the bitemark reading … Continue reading

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Forensics: Want a BS excuse for “bad forensics”? Blame it on “bad apples.”

This is truly ridiculous counterpoint to forensic science reform, but the forensic industry and its associated prosecutors take it as gospel. The medical profession used claims of “perfection” in the 18th century when they used to bleed patients to death … Continue reading

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Forensics Canada: Bitemarkers run amok; Courts and DAs prefer case precedence over science.

This is a 50 page UBC Law Review narrative on the inadequacies of courts to recognize junk “forensic” experts. Battling Canadian bitemarkers leave a trail of exaggerated claims and criminal case law that is blind to scientific principles. SSRN-id3201061   … Continue reading

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Forensics: regulating junk forensic expertise continues in Texas; other states lagging; from ‘Grits for Breakfast’

Top 10 junk forensic sciences challenged in Texas In the wake of the Forensic Science Commission declaring blood-spatter evidence in a 30-year old murder case “not accurate or scientifically supported,” Texas has lately again been getting deserved credit as a national leader on forensic … Continue reading

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Bias in Cop and Forensic Investigations …….

              …….reads like my first 10 years of training from the bitemarkers at the ABFO.

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Forensics for Dummies: Some cops agree with dishonest DAs about bitemarks.

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More judges and DAs bail on opportunity to exclude bitemarkers “identification” bogus opinions.

Who ever said science and law have a common ground of knowledge? Not in this case and others still pending with lawyers arguing guilt is proven by practitioners of their unsubstantiated offerings of “medical certainty.”

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Another exoneration from a bitemark conviction is pending. Court hearing next week.

John Kunco in Pennsylvania has local and Innocence Project attorneys arguing for his release on May 23. His possible exoneration could bring the number of men released from false science testimony of  bitemarkers to 31 cases. Backstory on Kunco.

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Another junk forensic bitemark case gets reversed – Swinton exonerated after 17 years – DAs still using bitemarks

  This makes 30 cases the infamous practitioners of “forensic” odontology have contributed to false convictions and indictments. Needless to say, the few existing adherents to bitemark voodoo are still alive and well as members of the American Academy of … Continue reading

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