New efforts to ID Pearl Harbor victims, the “excitement of delirium” and other Forensic Notes, some strange others tragic.

After a 1947 internment from the battleship Oklahoma, skeletal remains experience new ID attempts. 

North Carolina has two newly compensated exonerees. 30 years in prison while innocent of murder. Once again, false confessions prove to be largely coerced from vulnerable suspects. 

More bullshit about microscopic hair comparisons in an otherwise competent article from LA about identifying skeletons damaged by fire. DNA from teeth is the best.

I have no idea what this piece from India on “forensic journalism” is trying to say but it can’t be good. This quote is boggling:

“If summarized, forensic journalism reports a crime in more legally, pseudoscientific, dramatic, fascinating, systematic and forensically creative and innovative way based on solid facts and evidences.” Read the rest. 

Here is another example. India’s police battling with their own forensic experts

Scotland. This an another example where deaths in police custody get the “excited delirium” treatment as a substitute cause of death when compression asphyxia would lead to charges against the officers. If one looks at the medical lexicon (police commissioners are exempt of course) excited delirium seems to only occur in street arrests, police stations and jails. The term was coined by a single pathologist from Florida.





About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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