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Forensics: This has to do with a US Supreme Court Justice. Ginni Thomas, wife of Clarence Thomas, endorsed the protest that became the Capitol riot.

Talk about a worm can of legal impropriety? The trail to tRump is long in that household. It takes 2/3 Senate vote to impeach a Justice. Awful. Days later, when her post attracted attention, Thomas noted she wrote it before … Continue reading

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US Supremes argue from on high that DA suppressed evidence is AOK

The “finality of guilt” just got reaffirmed by a bunch of judicial soothsayers ( rather impact sayers ) taking one more corner off the 6th and 14th amendments right to a fair trial. “This is the latest SCOTUS decision to … Continue reading

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Keeping Prosecutors protected from personal liability is the spawn of SCOTUS

An opinion piece pointedly discussing the exoneration cases where prosecutors continue to avoid legal consequences for dishonest acts such as perjury and other malfeasance. She makes SCOTUS ultimately responsible. Thanks to Phil Locke at the @wrongconvblog for this link. Full … Continue reading

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