Keeping Prosecutors protected from personal liability is the spawn of SCOTUS

An opinion piece pointedly discussing the exoneration cases where prosecutors continue to avoid legal consequences for dishonest acts such as perjury and other malfeasance. She makes SCOTUS ultimately responsible. Thanks to Phil Locke at the @wrongconvblog for this link.

Full article


A supposed peer reviewed ‘case report’ on a bitemark case from Portugal. The authors appear to be credentialed as odontology researchers but seriously lack scientific accuracy of what they claim to be present in this case’s evidence. In addition, their citations are mis-quoted or mis-interpret some of the literature they claim supports their conclusions. However, they do seem to use Adobe PhotoShop well to suit their purposes.

They present as if DNA profiling doesn’t exist in bitemark cases where a sexual assault has occurred.

In the Abstract, they  have a great quote about how their findings will be immune to cross-examination by any defense counsel.

Seems like a rather nasty approach to me.

Full article

1500 “new” crime lab cases under review in San Francisco continues to boil over in the press. 

Leticia Smallwood spending 42 years in prison for arson gets an appeal hearing. Her lawyer says “no crime was committed.”


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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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