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Forensics: The ABFO bitemarkers have closed the door on US forensic dentistry training.

Dental students love to see lectures about forensics. Thank you CSI. I have talked with dental students at Ostrow USC for decades in short seminar format. My principal topic is human identification. The bitemark portion talks about DNA collection from … Continue reading

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Forensics: Cognitive bias in forensic pathology decisions – Journal of Forensic Sciences

This study determined a group of National Association of Medical Examiner pathologists have a predilection to determine death of black children 5x more likely as homicide compared to dead white kids. NAME also takes the position that the ABFO bitemarker … Continue reading

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Yuck: Morbid secrets of an Arizona forensic pathologist

Watch the embedded video for the details. Other Maricopa County forensic types added in the text about their ‘questionable’ character. Who was the Sheriff of Maricopa? Arpaio somebody. http://www.12news.com/news/investigative/current-maricopa-co-forensic-pathologist-was-reprimanded-by-navy/436483549

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#Forensic Pathology: Interesting opine on ‘virtopsies’ vs dissection autopsies

Interesting look at the application of full body virtopsy scans as either a replacement or adjunct for conventional dissection forensic protocols. The writer considers the options and discusses the need for coroner/ME people being trained to read the CT and … Continue reading

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Medical examiner health issues in play after vacated SBS conviction

This story from FLA reveals many issues involving the fact that forensic autopsy’s are prone to mistakes and omissions. “New evidence” includes an ME’s health history, resignation, and a dead child’s disease-borne cause-of-death versus abuse by the convicted nanny. Plus, … Continue reading

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Forensics: Forensic Pathology study on skin injury patterns shows lack of agreement

Published in the Apr 15 2016 Journal of Forensic Sciences, this paper are the results of a NAME (US medical examiners) online study of human skin injury pattern diagnostic categories ( the basics of “blunt,” “sharp,” and “source” identification) undertaken … Continue reading

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Forensics: Air contamination in commercial aircraft gains scientist’s concern

More fatalities linked to toxic cabin fumes, claims forensic expert A FORENSIC expert who carried out an autopsy on toxic air victim Richard Westgate has witnessed other fatalities linked to dangerous cabin fumes. http://www.express.co.uk/scotland/639597/More-fatalities-linked-to-toxic-cabin-fumes-claims-forensic-expert

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Battling pathologists. Standing up or kneeling? Arms moving or not? Forensic doubt = self defense?

The Facebook Slaying in Florida.  One pathologist performed the autopsy. Another pathologist looked at the photographs and documents much later. Knife versus gun. They don’t agree on reconstructing the victim’s posture at time of receiving 8 rounds of .380 ammo. No mention … Continue reading

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