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Manhattan DA Melissa Mourges redacts 2009 NAS Forensic Report to mislead Frye hearing judge

Following with my previous blog’s theme of prosecutorial misconduct, here is a recent standout in the NYC courts’ process of determining science-affirmed expert testimony versus ‘forensic’ claptrap of a baser kind. This story exposes how lawyers bend facts to suit their … Continue reading

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Forensic Science Mess-ups, Cover-ups and Worse: Cheating DA Affect Murder Case: Recognition for CSIDDS Book:

RECOGNITION FOR THE BOOK Forensic Testimony. Science, Law and Forensic Evidence. I had something to do with it. BAD FORENSIC NEWS Caption: Memorial in front of burned out city hall  Forensics experts slam Mexico’s 43 missing students probe A team of … Continue reading

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Blockbuster Appellate Opine: Lying Prosecutors Not Immune

The 9th US Circuit Court in San Francisco just rearmed the judiciary with an opinion to prosecute DAs who tell lies to juries. This is usually done via “incentivised” snitches or witnesses. This look into one specific case that energized … Continue reading

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