Bite Mark “Matching” May Send Eddie Lee Howard to Death Chamber

MS Attorney General’s office thinks Bitemarks are still good to go. So do the bitemark experts.

This article is about Howard’s last ditch appeal to the MS Supreme Court. Famous bitemark expert Michael West used his dental expertise to convict him.

Another article ( JCDA_06-2015 ) from the bitemark “skin -readers” associates their saving victims of violence with why they are still relevant experts in the US courtrooms.

The cover page of this magazine shows a closeup of a fingerprint. (???) The entire issue is about forensic dentistry. Strange.

The author of the bitemark chapter (it starts on pg 309) in this June 2015 Journal of the California Dental Association certainly has some axes to grind with those who oppose his organization’s “ipse dixit” brand of “trust me I’m a doctor” forensic approach.

There is no mention of scientific reasons why they still exist. Only promises. Just alot of adjectives.

It is very irritating to see him write about “only 10 cases of wrongful convictions due to a bitemark opinion.” A Collateral damage point of view.

BTW, I appear as  “a former but now resigned ABFO diplomate and prolific blogger.”

For a counter-opinion regarding this forensic subject, read this Washington Post article.


About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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