Teaching Science to Judges: Now THAT’S Gonna be Tough. Most studied business @csidds | Forensics in Focus : March 24, 2014

LEAD LINE: Criminal courts must evolve with science. Now THAT’s gonna be tough. Most judges studied business.   Judges do have “colleges” but all are short courses certainly not involving much of anything scientific. They should be called “law colleges.”

Flawed forensics and investigation lead to Conviction Integrity Units. The proof will be in their scope. 

This FBI crime lab whistleblower has had to pay a high price. Ex-Marine, too. 

When Jail is No Alibi

Crime Law: Plea mill environment in TX allows untested crime evidence to be ignored. 

Exoneration Nation 

Inspectors General Office recommends 2 changes to FDLE to prevent lab tampering. One stupid. Other good. 

Total PR disaster for . They should try this in Kansas. 

Los Angeles: Ex-sheriff’s deputies charged with planting evidence at pot dispensary 

File cabinet takes center stage in wrongful conviction case 

Louisiana House Committee Scheduled to Hear Bill to Repeal Self-Defense Law. NRA article.

Law prof on how the US Supreme Court and its 5-4 culture not helping cure wrongful convictions. 

College President forensic body farm in town is premature and newspaper says “It’s time to put ‘body farm’ to rest” 

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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