The sometimes nasty world of forensic experts in the US

Here are 3 blogs created by David Averiil from which are about how some people will admit that justice eventually must be recognized, even after their fighting at-all-costs-to-win or maintain a conviction. In this instance, its the District Attorneys’ office in Lake County, Illinois. While that’s going on,  others involved in the same case (as in forensic witnesses) just propound their entrenched attitudes until the bitter end, while trying  to lay waste to others including the now freed innocent defendant in the process.

The kicker in this trilogy is that a man was exonerated and then sued these forensic witnesses. In their defense of this more recent civil suit, they have petitioned the Illinois courts to revoke his claim of innocence.

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Revoking Innocence continiued…….

In this next read, the title says “Authorities want Bennie Starks’ claim of innocence vacated.” Thats only partial true, as these are the Waukegan Police Dept and the “non-authority” 2 forensic experts being sued. One government and 2 private defendants. They think they have “standing” to legally contest what the Waukegan DA and court have done in freeing Starks.

Not a chance.





About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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