Forensics: 2004 Chi Trib articles about dubious bitemark convictions and bad science that still stand as “justice done.”

An upcoming article is about how these “bite mark men” continue to promote themselves for $$$ to the unsuspecting public and dentists “interested” in forensics. Its as if they exist in a parallel universe and occasionally land on our planet telling us they are gods.

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Its been 11 years since this article was published. Its about the DNA vs bitemark case AZ v. Tankersley. The defendant is still in prison. The “bitemark matchers” were ABFO members Raymond Rawson (Ray Krone’s exoneration story is at the bottom of this blog) and Skip Sperber who played a major role in putting Bill Richards in prison .

This is the 2005 appellate court decision keeping Tankersley in prison. 

Courts still give bitemark believers credibility in trials, exoneration and death penalty appeals.(See  Leal_Affidavit_Bowers).

It also has been eleven years since the ChiTrib wrote numerous articles (see below) on the subject of junk forensic science and these “bite mark matchers” who are now promoting……….

their psuedo science to the National Commission on Forensic Sci in Washington DC.

More info. In 2004, the veteran journalists of the Chicago Tribune, Pulitzer price winner Maurice Possley, Steve Mills, and Flynn McRoberts, wrote…

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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