Forensics: Fire Chief resigns after falsifying evidence, FBI hair debacle casts generalized doubts, TX leads in wrongful convictions and wants a fix

Fire chief resigns after lying about his credentials and arson evidence. 

Forensic hair analysis: Evidence of more federal governmental dysfunction 

How pizza can be tested for DNA evidence. Protocol used in Wash DC family murder investigation.

Washington man imprisoned by flawed FBI forensic evidence exonerated

TX bill to establish a post-conviction commission named for innocent prisoner who died before prison release.

“Texas has had more total exonerations and DNA exonerations than any other state in the country,” Sen. Rodney Ellis, the Senate sponsor of HB 48 and vice chairman of State Affairs, said when laying out the measure.

“With this continuous flow of proven exonerations, we know with absolute certainty that tragic mistakes are occurring in our criminal justice system, and it is our duty and obligation to fix them,” Ellis, D-Houston, said. “The conviction of the innocent not only ruins innocent lives, but it also harms public safety by allowing guilty perpetrators to remain free and destroying public trust in our justice system.” Read more.

Pros and cons of latest DNA techniques requires extensive training. 

Junk PR piece from India about matching bitemarks to human with judicially determined scientific certainty.



About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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