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Forensics: Racial patterns in US wrongful convictions. Innocent POC 7.5 x more likely to be wrongfully convicted.

http://www.law.umich.edu/special/exoneration/Documents/Race Report Preview.pdf

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Fingerprints convict and then unconvict Michigan man after 20 years in prison

Another case refuting idiots saying exoneration litigation is an “industry.” Criminal defense funding in the US is merely a fraction of what prosecutors and police get from asset forfeiture, local budgets, and federal grants. Take a look at who represented … Continue reading

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National Registry of Exonerations makes big plans for its’ future at UC Irvine

Thursday marked the official transfer of location of the NRE to the UC Irvine (CA) Newkirk Center for Science and Society. Here are a series of live streaming presentations that represent the purpose and future plans for the NRE. It … Continue reading

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Univ of California Irvine Welcomes Nat’l Registry of Exonerations !!

California Innocence Project Director Justin Brooks and exoneree Brian Banks in 2012. Irvine, Calif., March 14, 2017 — The University of California, Irvine Newkirk Center for Science & Society is now the institutional home for the National Registry of Exonerations, … Continue reading

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Forensics in Focus @csidds | March 13 | The Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction and 19 years to Exonerate.

This comes from Rob Warden, the emeritus director of the National Registry of Exonerations. Note the regular posting of FiF will come out tomorrow. Chris Coleman 2014 Exoneration    

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