National Registry of Exonerations makes big plans for its’ future at UC Irvine

Thursday marked the official transfer of location of the NRE to the UC Irvine (CA) Newkirk Center for Science and Society. Here are a series of live streaming presentations that represent the purpose and future plans for the NRE. It will continue to do groundbreaking research and criminal justice policy influencing. Here’s is Brandon Garrett’s take on the NRE’s value.

“The National Registry Exonerations is a model for scholarship that can change the world by collecting an sharing information. It is a resource, it has helped countless researchers, and it has helped countless lawyers. Before the Registry, it was hard for anyone to learn of cases that had been reversed on innocence grounds., outside of DNA exonerations as least. Now we have in the U.S. the most remarkable archive of information about exonerations that exists anywhere in the world.”


Samuel Gross, Elizabeth Loftus, Mons Lynch, Shero Thaxton, William Thompson, Maurice Possley, Jon Eldan, Alexandra Natapoff, Barry Scheck, Henry Weinstein, Barbara O’Brien, Erwin Cherminsky, Simon Cole, Rob Warden, Franky Carillo, Brian Banks, Denise Foderaro.

The LiveStream presentations: (1 hour 33 minutes)


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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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