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US Supremes take on ‘new’ science standards versus case law standards in Texas

This information is taken from the current AAFS News Alert and is written by president Betty DesPortes and 3 collaborators. It is a semi-long read, but describes how the TX CCA got whooped by SCOTUS for trying to lawyer their … Continue reading

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Progressive DAs get backlash from their “lock-em-up” peers like Michael Ramos

District Attorney Aramis D. Ayala of Orlando, FL is getting targeted for realizing that the death penalty is only in play in 0.01% of her criminal cases and is much too expensive to pursue. Elected Senior Prosecutors and police chiefs … Continue reading

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Forensics: Archaic and scientifically bogus TX mental disability statute ruled unconstitutional

SCOTUS Rejects Texas’s Death Penalty Standards for Disabled Inmates – This could be huge for other states to follow suit regarding mental competence and the death penalty. Texas’s standards for evaluating mentally disabled death row inmates are unconstitutional, the Supreme … Continue reading

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