Progressive DAs get backlash from their “lock-em-up” peers like Michael Ramos

District Attorney Aramis D. Ayala of Orlando, FL is getting targeted for realizing that the death penalty is only in play in 0.01% of her criminal cases and is much too expensive to pursue.

Elected Senior Prosecutors and police chiefs are harping on their younger colleagues who want some change to occur in the US Criminal Justice machinery. Changes as in reduction of charges in some non violent acts ( as in shoplifting not being a felony), not charging minors as adults, and eliminating the grossly over arching discriminatory use of the death penalty. Read this article about rumblings and threats within the US political criminal justice system are rising up when the idea of ‘reform’ goes into effect somewhere in their criminal eco-system. All claim various forms of societal “Armageddon” to be imminent. It really means a reduction in their pocket-books for them and their government and privatized prison corps lobbyists.

Meet one of the worst resisters to clear thinking on various aspects of forensics and criminal justice progress.

This smiling and happy DA in California is Michael Ramos. In his run for CA Attorney General in 2018, Ramos is doubling-down on the death penalty ( after 52% voted for it in CA; 48% against; sound familiar?) and repetitively champions crime victims and families ‘rights’ as if they all demand executions, the DP is a crime deterrent, crime labs are sacrosanct from scientific advances and crime is rising at epidemic levels. All which are expressly not true. Maybe he should move to Arkansas, where that state wants to execute 8 inmates  over a short period in 9 days. Studies of these 8 indicate that their cases are riddled with bad lawyering, racial inequities, mental health disablement and poverty.

He is the President of the National DA Association and from that perch has uttered an imbecilic proclamation that bitemarks are a key part fighting for his ‘tough on crime anthems. Read this if you dare: (Don’t worry it is not very long and not very scientific).




About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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