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Forensics: The White House Office of Sci Tech investigates Bitemark Believers on Jan 15

    The Obama Administration offers a potpourri of forensic practitioners at a public hearing scheduled for  Jan 15th. Among them is one of the pro bitemark witnesses who pled for mercy before the Texas For Sci Commission a month ago. Here is … Continue reading

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The mashup of science and pseudo-science in forensics explained quite well

Illustration by Oliver Munday Im not one to delve deeply into the epistemology of science, but having been given this book review ( quote: “what makes science science?”) article to read from the New Yorker, I think this next quote … Continue reading

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Inability to deliver timely DNA testing for ID gets Coroner some bad publicity and a grieving family

This is about a missing elderly man and a male skeleton found months later. My assumption is that he may have either worn dentures (no natural teeth) with no patient name labeled placed in the dentures ( mandatory in some … Continue reading

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Vigil for the CA 11: Factually Innocent, Families ask for clemency

I attended this candle lit vigil with families of 11 prisoners in Cailfornia prisons. These cases show how false forensic science, inept lawyers and the legal system’s inadequate response to new science needs to be reviewed by Governor @JerryBrown. These … Continue reading

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