Forensics: A nurse practitioner and a MD. Another horror story from the bruise pattern experts.

A6F2FA84-9B42-4AE7-9548-45A532E6B8EAThis comes out of Milwaukee WI. Two married docs. Adopting a baby. A visit to the ER. Then the Inquisition started. Falsified records, a bitemarker-like MD who lectures about “saving the children,” inept child abuse advocates, and a reporter who did his job.

The above image is from a internet available slide series. The lecturer was a post grad at the hospital where this case originated. A recognized contributor to this was the MD who coined a term “sentinel injuries” of child abuse which is merely a substitute for “preexisting.” Here is that 2013 article. She is also mentioned in the above case.


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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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2 Responses to Forensics: A nurse practitioner and a MD. Another horror story from the bruise pattern experts.

  1. djfowkes says:

    In all the decades I’ve been a healthcare practitioner working in pediatrics as well as adult acute care…… this is a tragic situation. The parents and their adopted children are all emotionally suffering from this terrible loss. My heart goes out to the little boys who are wondering if they are going to be “taken away” like their sister. This is a heartbreaking scenario for them particularly.
    After reading the article, it’s obvious that power has run amok in the worst possible way in Milwaukee, WI. The fact that the adoptive parents (who are medical professionals) were pretty much pulled out of the loop is horrific. I have worked with babies and children who have been physically abused. The pattern chart with drawings …. seriously? For teaching, looking at multiple PHOTOs of specific abuse patterns is a better tool for staff who, during their careers, will most certainly encounter children who are victims of physical abuse. Drawings on a chart tend to be arbitrary in my opinion. The CPS related “medical experts” overseeing this case and who apparently disregarded/“misplaced” laboratory results (and other evaluation data during the investigation) should be
    summarily ousted from their jobs. To coerce staff to amend medical record
    documentation so it justifies the action of removing the child from the family is completely unethical.
    Question for you Mike: Since you have worked with the Innocence Project, would they be able to help in this particular case? If so, is it possible for them to step in at this point (prior to trial) or would they come in after the trial outcome?
    Thank you.

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