Framing the Innocent with planted #Forensics evidence and lying cops

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Not just a myth or a fictional plot line. This article starts in Cleveland OH and references other examples where people ‘of color’ with criminal histories get thrown into jail. In Cleveland, three police went there too. It’s called ‘framing’ the innocent. (click the above pic to go to “Youtube” vid reports on the subject.

More ‘roguishness.’ This time Federal prosecutors spying on inmate/lawyer communications. More of the culture of prosecutor dirty tricks.

Law enforcement forensics (ballistics, digital, DNA) leads the global industry in financial investment and research (total reaching $20 billion). Not a dime for wrongful conviction compensation resulting from flawed forensics.  As a contrast, any other commercial industry would allocate funding for risk-management, quality assurance, and product and practitioner liability.

Germany police pushing for increasing gene coding.  “A proposed change to the law would allow gene-coding regions to be analysed to check for hair, skin and eye colour, and biological age. Bavaria is pushing for inclusion of biogeographical origin.” It is already getting popular in the US police labs. I haven’t read much about fales positives with this. Has anyone?

Continuing ‘flubs’ at the newly non-independent DC crime lab advances from Zika to ballistics. This multi-million dollar forensic lab now is in control of law enforcement after politicos and DAs dumped it’s former director and self-managed ‘independent’ status.



About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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