TruTV takes on Forensic Science Myths that courts have accepted for decades

TrutV copy

The first part of the segment has “Adam [guy on the left] Ruins Everything” electrifying a lie detector examiner.

Airing on October 15 2015, the full episode flays the “olde school” forensic techniques still living large in the “CSI” universe.  Included are lie detectors [still being used by government agencies and law enforcement in interviews but is not court admissible] , witness ID evidence, FBI hair comparisons [de-regulated recently], bitemarks [the cases with no DNA], and fingerprints through TruTV’s research into their origins, faulty assumptions, and case outcomes which disprove their scientific reliability.

The show starts as a typical cop parody but as it continues it contains more than just comedy. Along the way there are really notable people in the criminal justice system talking some facts.

The producers did not use the excuse that “bad apple forensic examiners” are the causes of wrongful convictions prompted by  these techniques. They infer a much darker reason.

You can go the the Innocent Project to see how bad forensics [i.e. unvalidated and false] were involved in half of their 325 exonerations.

This page lists TruTV’s extensive resource links and actual case studies.

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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