Scientists create trepidation in certain forensic subjects. Target: Bitemarks


Here is a series of 2 posts by Dr. David Averill who is an ex-member and a past president (1995) of  the dental bitemark group, the ABFO. His posts are from February 2011. They contain:

 1) the effect of recent (to date 13 peer reviewed papers since 2007) empirical research on human teeth (i.e. match rates) and skin dynamics creating uncontrollable distortion during experimental testing.

Early on the ABFO contributed a seed grant to the U of Buffalo team mentioned in the first article. The ABFO later began excoriating these non ABFO researchers thru their favorite means: vapid “anti science” opinions, personal attacks via letters, courtroom statements, harassment during AAFS lectures, self-publications, and presentations.  

2)The second post has interesting video and opinions relevant to actual bitemark cases. (Skip the embeded ads if you can). 


Bitemark experts from North America will gather this week in Chicago for their annual scientific meeting. The highlight of the week will be the presentation on Thursday by a research team from the University of Buffalo. The research team has published a number of scientific articles that oppose what many of the bitemark experts have testified in their past cases concerning bitemarks.

There will be a palpable trepidation among many of the bitemark experts as the guest scientists from the University of Buffalo deliver their talk. The presentation will likely be about the lack of scientific studies on skin distortion and the unresolved issue of dental uniqueness. The Buffalo team consists of Peter Bush, Mary Bush, David Sheets and Ray Miller who have published numerous articles in the scientific forensic journals. I will post more on their presentation later.

Read the two posts here. 

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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