Bias in Forensic Science: Affirmed and described by another retired forensic scientist | Forensics in Focus @csidds | April 1


The “new topic” of undue influence and cognitive bias (its been around for decades mostly from outside the insular forensic community) by forensic examiners gets some air in this editorial by a retired senior scientist from a Los Angeles crime lab. He speaks of his personal experiences and reaching a better understanding on these issues. It starts on page 5. From the California Asso of Criminalists. Thanks to Nora Rudin.

My recent NEWS RELEASE post about professional misconduct and organized suppression of scientific reform in forensic science is here.   This story will be continued.

Social media across North and Central America pressured FBI fugitive to surrender. 

Exoneration after 20 years in prison leads to $9,000,000 payment. 

TOP 50 Criminal Justice blogs.  Thanks to Mark Godsey. This is a keeper.

Cold DNA hit leads to the use of CVSA. Which is? It seemed to work. Read this excerpt: “At an impasse, Daytona Beach Detectives offered Myers a Computer Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA) examination to help verify his story.  Myers showed deception on all of the relevant questions and after being shown the voice graphs that clearly indicated deception, Myers confessed that he was mad at Coleman for ripping him off and that he strangled her in an abandoned house.” The police seem to love it.  Read more: 

Fight On! (Typical USC attitude).


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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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