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The attack of the “Face-Mark” Matchers – another doubtful FBI forensic “science”

Title credit: Radley Balko. “Atttack of the ‘bite mark matchers.” The above pic are three suspects in a Texas bitemark case post conviction federal hearing. Each color is a specific person’s upper and lower tooth outline. The DA used a couple … Continue reading

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American Academy of Forensic Science experts and the death penalty


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Recent Rash of US Exonerations Only the Surface: Many More Remain Wrongfully Imprisoned : Forensic Science contributions

  Jeffrey Deskovic, an exoneree himself (NY), writes about the increase in wrongful convictions being overturned in the US from a very personal perspective. He focuses on the root causes of these injustices such as incentivised witnesses (aka snitches), prosecutorial … Continue reading

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