The attack of the “Face-Mark” Matchers – another doubtful FBI forensic “science”

Can you see the difference?

Can you see the difference?

Title credit: Radley Balko. “Atttack of the ‘bite mark matchers.” The above pic are three suspects in a Texas bitemark case post conviction federal hearing. Each color is a specific person’s upper and lower tooth outline. The DA used a couple of ABFO dentists, in US v. Alfred Bourgeois, who said each person had a “unique dental” profile which could be ascertained from skin bruising. Research data says otherwise. The Fifth District court’s 2013 order denying Bourgeois habeas relief is a long, but enticing look at how extensive use of criminal “tendencies” experts as well as bitemark IDs was just fine and constitutionally correct.

Apparently, from the article below,  the US Department of Justice, and National DA Assn’s reject of the President’s Council report on the need to test forensic validity must “think” this facial recognition concept of identification being practiced by the FBI is reliable as well.

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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