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Very good look at cross-exam of crime scene responders to NC police shooting

Another case right out of “Making A Murderer.” Most of this courtroom questioning is textbook but the reporter did a good job of presenting the gist of what the policeman’s (Slager) defense lawyer is trying to do. This is a … Continue reading

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The ups and downs of crime lab public funding initiatives

It’s a reject in Lorain County Ohio. It’s a go in NM for its new state crime lab. Ex-cop crime scene analyst gets grilled over ballistics evidence in Scott police shooting.      

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Humanitarian efforts of forensic experts studying Holocaust sites as crime scenes.

Looking into the Holocaust recovery as forensic investigations. Article. Opine piece about forensics not being able to prevent wrongful convictions. That, to say the least, is debatable. Faulty or misleading forensics is a major factor in causation. Article. Police ‘use … Continue reading

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