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#Pseudoscience predominates this story. From selling anti/cancer tanning beds to…A major funder of the anti-vaccine movement has made millions selling natural health products – The Washington Post

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#Forensics Denied. 13 states have never exonerated a prisoner based on DNA evidence. Why? No preservation of evidence laws and more. Id include a large dose of just cruelty and ignorance. Injustice Watch

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#Forensics: DNA profile changes after man receives bone marrow transplant. OOPS.

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#Forensics: Bitemarkers still believe their bs garbage is science. See the damage it creates. Bill Richards case is horrendous

Im glad I could help with Bill’s case. I saw him convicted in 1997 and saw him walk out of jail in 2016.

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#Forensic Trash. Much like graphology and bitemarks which DAs still love. Why Are Cops Around the World Using This Outlandish Mind-Reading Tool?

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#Forensics: Good news ⁦‪@ForensicOdont‬⁩ Prof Iain Pretty and ⁦‪@bldesportes‬⁩ Betty Layne Desportes and ⁦‪@cchampod‬⁩ Prof Chris Champod getting some lifetime kudos. A dentist, a lawyer and a statistician. Congrats and well deserved.

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#Forensics Not So Good. Leaked Documents Say Roughly 2,000 NY Prisoners Affected By Erroneous Drug Tests – Gothamist

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#Forensics: Despite cops now using FRT, Government should recommend moratorium on use of facial recognition in Scotland, say academics.

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#Forensics: #DNA STR MIXture takes a hit in its expanding use by FBI and other police crime labs.

From DNA expert Dan Krane (thanks to Gil Sapir). STRMix was found to be inadmissible in an important federal case ( Gissantaner ) out of the Western District of Michigan last week.  Its implications for STRMix (and the FBI’s increasing … Continue reading

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Michigan Forensics: Legislation to create Forensic Science Commission

These authors have introduced a bill to establish a FSC in the US state of Michigan. The Texas FS Texas commission effectively delisted bitemarks four years ago. In both cases wrongful convictions will be continue to be revealed.

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