Battle for freedom in another bitemark conviction heats up – DNA evidence from crime scene including murder weapon #AAFS

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The John Kunco case in Pennsylvania goes back in my case archives for over 12 years. Early in Mr. Kunco’s post conviction appeals, the opinions of two famous bitemark experts ( at least as far as they are concerned ) used at trial have been re-analyzed, excoriated and explicitly considered junk. A cohort of very dedicated appellate attorneys have worked his case. That would be Craig Cooley, Dana Delgar, and Chris Fabricant of the Innocence Projects.

In November 2017, over the protests of the Prosecutors (after all they had the bitemark evidence; recently recanted by the two prosecution dentists), advanced DNA testing on crime evidence (including the murder weapon) was approved.

Plan to hear more on these testing results very soon. I’ve been told an unknown male profile was developed in this new testing.

Here is the article from November announcing the successful DNA motion by the Innocence Project.

This blog has had a few things to say about Kunco’s bitemark identifier.

  1. How Bitemark evidence is still operating at the appellate level – The Kunco Case
  2. Forensics: 2d bitemark opinion in the John Kunco case. Where is justice for him? #ADA
  3. Another ridiculous bitemark case emerges into public view after 30+ years

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