Another ridiculous bitemark case emerges into public view after 30+ years

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The evidence:

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I’m assisting in two other cases attempting to eradicate junk science within criminal courts. This third case is an example of similar arguments during an adversarial hearing combining attempts to test new DNA evidence and publish research debunking entrenched bitemark believers who still get paid to showup to talk of their wares.

Below is the most recent Commonwealth v J Kunco hearing transcript from last month. This is 300 pages revealing the Innocence Project’s Chris Fabricant and Dana Delger, along with local counsel, bringing forth the fallacies of “reasonable degree of dental certainty.” Dr. Tom David is for Mr. Hopson, the prosecutor, and Dr. Cynthia Brozowski as the defense expert bringing out why bitemark evidence is unreliable. Reading what the police considered to be the victim’s identification of her attacker is incredible. A police officer imitated speaking with a lisp. The woman said that was what the attacker sounded like. John Kunco has a lisp speech impediment. A positive ID.


More on Kunco  here  and here.


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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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