Stand Strong On Forensic Science Reform – And AGAINST DOJ FAKE NEWS

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I have played a bit of poker in my day, but the double-crosses and bluffing we are getting from the our glorious leaders of the Republican Administration is getting old fast.

Their deconstructing and lock-step revision of 10 years of serious accomplishments on forensic science by the bi-partisan players in Obama’s WH, US Congress, and other Criminal Justice stakeholders like the Innocence Projects (25 years strong)  is advancing with speed.

The  USDOJ retrenchment to the days of J Edgar Hoover’s autocratic manipulations and misuse of governmental power is clearly not a smoke and mirror gambit. It is real.  Head prosecutor Sessions is sucking the life out of this 10 years gain. With today’s short and sweet non-renewal of the National Commission on Forensic Science, Sessions is toadying to the strong arm minority within the police crime lab industry and top prosecutors for their ten years of ranting against experiencing scientific (not police ‘science’) oversight to their respective kingdoms.

This post-cancellation DOJ memo makes sure that some lip service of uplifting ideals and goals will be provided within forensics going to this unilateral and very partisan management scheme. Don’t count on it.

For those same 10 years, citizens, coalitions of scientists, hundreds of exonerees, families of the incarcerated, innocence litigators, a few forensic practitioners and so called ‘liberal’ MSM types are largely responsible for making exonerating the innocent and the weaknesses and strengths of forensic science an every day occurrence.

Don’t expect to contribute any comments to the DOJ. Going to does not result in any link to the memo’s Docket Number OLP 160.

Smoke and Mirrors.


We will not be silenced.

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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