More scapegoat activities in forensics: DAs who hate old DNA : a Medical Examiner with x-ray vision

NEWS BREAK: Another Forensic Scapegoat case. Last December, New York State Police forensic scientists were accused of cheating on a yet unused DNA software exam. The test maker had encouraged takers to confer during the test prep stage which included looking at old exams.  It appears some NYSP detective had the brainstorm idea to launch an in house case against them and then try to get them all to quit. That did not happen. Full article.  Thanks to @MaxmHouck. Who knows something about this subject.

Old 1991 conviction using FBI junk hair experts goes back to trial.

Doubts raised about Ga. medical examiner’s judgment, and credibility. Poor evidence leads to conjecture and guess work. It usually sticks, though, when one is a real pro. This guy must have x-ray vision. The unusual part is the backlash his NAME colleagues have brought to bear. His boss doesn’t seem to care.

Concern grows over DNA evidence errors in Texas and likely throughout the US

Prosecutors articulating excuses why untested DNA from a 1993 conviction should not be tested. They use old DNAfor their cold cases all the time.

Another bitemark-based conviction overturned. Dentist calls his original testimony “junk.”

What are the responsibilities of a forensic expert in court. And other musings from a crime lab guy.


About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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