Racial discrimination and retaliation in #Forensic #Science never a topic at annual #AAFS meetings

Charges of racial discrimination in forensics. Sounds like a hostile working and personnel environment to me. Former crime lab employee suing City of Columbia for $3 million over poor training, poor lab equipment, retaliation, loss of reputation, income, emotional distress AND racial discrimination.  She claims she took the hit and supervisor were held unaccountable. I’ve never heard nor seen this topic discussed at the annual AAFS meetings. Some of these topics will be forthcoming soon on this blog.

Expert Disagreement: 26 year old murder brings friction between 2 opposing DNA advocates at 6 day trial. Original evidence testimony considered erroneous (def attorney uses alot of hot button adjectives) by defense expert from Cellmark in the UK. Plays out as “old science versus new and improved. ” Then read the next one.

 Expert Disagreement: Two pathologists argue over COD re: stillborn vs newborn infant. Im wondering if the defense expert will get harassed on this one. 

Exoneration LitigationTypical arguments used in exoneration cases. There are only 1467 listed at the National Registry of Exonerations.

Past memories induced: More on doubtful forensic “science” quite popular with Prosecutors. This time its not bitemark IDs. Recovery therapy still being used to foster false accusations.

Jailhouse snitches: 2 men exonerated today after 14 yrs in prison. To convict, prosecutor made—then hid—a deal with jailhouse snitches. 

and the last one………………………………..

Forensic evidence: Preservation and chain of custody. You may be surprised. There is an apparent double standard in some jurisdictions. Read on.. “You’re obligated to preserve for the government any evidence of any crimes you commit. 

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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