Forensics : Prosecutorial misconduct, exonerations and the Politics of Criminal Justice

From the Wrongful Convictions blog:

“Prosecutorial arrogance and tunnel vision” plus more CJ and its politics via


Not another one! But the best version I’ve read about this serial case from the 1880’s. “Forensic Scientist Claims To Have Finally Identified Jack The Ripper.” This article appear legitimate and to my knowledge is the first to use physical and biological evidence from one of the murder scenes. Familial DNA profiling of a known suspect and one victim are central to this claim.   via

Better images in this article on Jack.  

Cop drug evidence perjury : “Another Philadelphia Drug Conviction Overturned Because of Cop’s Testimony” « CBS Philly

Case of Central Park Five Ends After 11-Year Litigation. Award worth $41 million.  

The godfather of DNA: 30 years Alec Jeffreys revolutionized crime fighting 

Forensics : Effort by defense in Spell case attempts to preclude opinion evidence as unscientific. via

MH 17 forensic case not closed by any means.

“Crime labs should have scientists not police officers.” Plus the lawyer who outed the sloppy crime lab in SC.

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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