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Forensics: Statements why Shaken Baby Syndrome diagnoses are flawed and influenced by the courts.

The scientific fallacies of SBS This article has a checkered past as the authors’ compelling analysis was initially¬† rejected. It is telling that their story parallels the process of how overreaching expertism, once adopted by the courts and despite scant … Continue reading

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Musings about Trump and Science from the ‘Journal of Nature’

The slate is largely blank, except for PEOTUS’ climate change rhetoric. http://www.nature.com/news/the-ultimate-experiment-how-trump-will-handle-science-1.20971?WT.ec_id=NEWSDAILY-20161114

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Behind closed doors of Scientific Academia: How (not) to Science

This goes beyond funny to be incredibly sad or whatever you wanna call it. How To Science As Told By 17 Overly Honest Scientists BuzzFeed from 2013 Thanks to @MaxmHouck Originally from The Tusoan 

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