Today’s #Forensics News around the World – 1700 Fingerprints get a re-do.

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Florida Fingerprint guy, self-famed as “never wrong,” gets reassigned  (to non-forensic duties) and gets a “black eye.” Lawyer says “countless convictions” in over 1700 cases. Ouch.

Arizona Skull is “20 to 60 old” according to an anthro’s conservative exam. That’s a rather broad “safe” estimate.

Canada Revenue (tax collector) will fingerprint tax evasion suspects and share with US Homeland and IRS. Let’s see if #45 prints will be shared in return.

UK Academics plan to standardize bug-based time-of-death opinions into a “global standard.”

London Police bring in “draft in specialists” in a complex murder excavation case.

New Zealand Jury finds man guilty of murder in toddler’s death. Opposing bitemarkers did not agree on skin pattern seen on child’s chest as conclusively being a human bitemark. Pros said adult bite and the Def said maybe some “other” cause. The news says the man admitted to biting the child.

US Police and EMS workers run risks of contact with heroin (?) and potent drugs.

California Whittier police shooter was not a recipient of “early release” criminal justice reform bills. LATimes.

US DOJ boss Beauregard Sessions re-opens door for federal using private prisons. The two major prison corporations annually earn over $2,000 profit for each inmate. Prison guard nation wide income over $25 billion a year. Wall Street stock values just zoomed today.




About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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