Nazi Doctor’s bones hanging around forensic science school in Brazil

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Image result for josef mengele skull

The strange outcome of Nazi Josef Mengele’s remains puts him in the middle of forensic training in South America. After WWII, and decades of being hunted by Israel, his hide-out in Brazil was discovered in the early 80’s. These 1985 stock photos show that the skull recovered in Brazil has full upper and partial lower dentures. It is interesting that these dentures were not lost, as I’ve seen drowning victims who lose false teeth during their terminal event.

Image result for josef mengele skull

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His remains were exhumed years after Mengele was reported to have drowned. A team of US forensic types showed to make international news reports. The attending dentist became a super star although dentures seldom have identifying features. The pre-DNA identification of Mengele heavily hung on photo superimposition of Mengele images and the skull. Short video. 1992 had Sir Alec Jeffreys bring the final answer to the ID with a 10 allele concordance using DNA from Mengele’s son and the skeleton.  He calculated the random match chance to be 1 in 1800.

Better story about Mengele’s days in Brazil.

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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